Recordaçoes E Miragens (Luxpack​.​2013​.​Vol​.​1)

by Sebastien S.Th. Biset

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This album is a collection of field recordings from various locations and countries. These recordings are the traces of contexts and real-life situations, and the reflection of particular moods. These soundtracks carries the memory of places, movements and actions in specific spaces and times. These are hypomnemata (an exosomatic memory, a material memory of things, offering these as an accumulated treasure for rereading, rehearing and later meditation) ; the evidences of experiences. Capturing these instants, I want to emphasize the poetic consciousness of the event, and to express a array of emotions in adequacy with the situations. (E)motion. This is a poem about memory and mirage (« recordações e miragens »). Alguns Dias suggests a series of decisive drifts in the city of Porto, in February 2013. Seasons is a series of sound fragments (captured in 2012-2013 in Le Roeulx, Bruxelles, Iceland, Bratislava, Bordeaux, Landes, Venezia, some flemish cities, on seasides, up in the air, and many other locations), impressions, imprints of balads and heterogeneous situations, through the seasons.


released March 20, 2014

Sebastien S.Th. Biset. 2013